PDF Auto-List?

Brian from Oasis Foods wants to upload around 85 recipes and associate them with around 25 different ingredient pages. I would LOVE to automate this as much as possible.

Question #1: Is there a PDF or File Auto-List widget yet?

Since he wants the list to show up in the sidebar or as a menu, I have a related question about the existing Image Auto-List widget:

Question #2: Is there an option for Link Name only in the Image Auto-List widget (i.e., no image or thumbnail)?

I really want to avoid having to make him create 85 new pages. I’d actually rather avoid making him create even 25! This leads to the bigger question:

Question #3: How can I get away with simply uploading keyword-rich PDF files (I’ll have him key the file names to the ingredient items he wants so we could keyword match the Auto-List), and POSSIBLY JPEGs is we want some thumbnails, and create a nav menu item or widget list that would allow the visitor to navigate through all the recipes in a menu-driven fashion (and possibly a search system later) and end up with a PDF of the recipe opening up.

Question #4: An even BIGGER question: If we DID want to create a SINGLE template/page, say, that presented the JPG that would be hyperlinked to the same-named corresponding PDF file, that would present the appropriate information chosen through the user’s menu choices. (This would allow a prettier presentation of the same content – rather than clicking on a menu item and getting a PDF, they get a page with the JPG that links to the menu item and that page isn’t one of 25+, but a single one that takes some kind of parameter passed to it.

I’d settle for a positive answer (and docs) for 1 & 2 of course… :slight_smile: