PercGlobalVariablesData.js file missing

I’m getting a 404 on the PercGlobalVariablesData.js file. I checked and of course, there is no file with that name in that location. I would assume this is part of the core so any ideas why it is missing? Can I just get it somewhere and restore it?


Hey Stuart,

The PercGlobalVariablesData.js file should be generated as soon as you add a variable to your system through the Global Variables gadget. Let me know if it does not.

So, until a global variable is added to the system, pages will throw a 404 on render? Can I just add an empty file to suppress the error?

Simply adding and then removing a variable through the gadget will leave you with a blank PercGlobalVariablesData.js file, effectively achieving what you’re looking for. Note that this behavior is currently being investigated as a bug, as users shouldn’t have to perform additional work like this to avoid these types of minor errors.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

Since I have your attention can you look at my question from yesterday morning about the Foundation version used in v3.3.4?