Percussion install/upgrade

Every time I’ve upgraded my instance of CM1, I’ve run into difficulties:

  • tried installing the package as root (instead of the cm1 user)
  • tried upgrading while the “Admin” user (within the cm1 instance) was deleted after a previous install (may not be a problem in the latest versions)
  • tried upgrading while cm1 instance was running

In all these instances, I’ve had to submit a tech request to find out what I did wrong. One of the main reasons I had these problems is because it doesn’t say anything about these issues in the Upgrading Linux section of the upgrade instructions.

I think it would be fairly simple for the installer to check for these issues, print appropriate error message(s), and exit without touching the system if there’s a problem.

Also, is it still necessary to keep the “Admin” user around? It’s a security risk to have that user in the system. On a previous upgrade, I was told that Admin user had to be there for the upgrade to work properly, but in later versions it wouldn’t be necessary.


The installer using the Admin user during upgrade is a known issue, and is addressed in the next release of CM1.

I have added text to noting that the server should be shut down before running the upgrade.



If you attempt to upgrade a running server, the installer should shut it down first before proceeding with the upgrade.