Percussion interface mobile ready

I would be nice to see the Percussion interface move to a mobile friendly setup. I recently was trying to do a full site publish via my iPad while I was out of the office and couldn’t. I had to go back to my office to be able to run the publish.

I’m curious how often people would need to access Percussion on a mobile device and for what reasons. Would you expect to be able to perform all actions or just specific ones? One approach to this problem could be to create a “mobile dashboard” that allows you to perform key actions such as approvals, publishing, etc. Interested to hear what other people think they would use a mobile device to do?

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the reply. Personally I do quite a bit of work from my iPad. It’s a lot easier to carry around than my laptop when I’m not in my office. I’m typically on call 24/7 for any issues that arise and a recent issue we had I needed to update a warning on our website for inclement weather so students would know that classes were canceled.

It would be nice if the CMS was fully mobile like the new Wordpress 3.8 launch.

One thing I found out about iPads is there is no way to “double-click”. Double-clicking tells the iPad to zoom in. I attempted to use CM1 on my iPad a while back but I couldn’t open files or assets because of the lack of double-click support.

To run a full publish, you have to double-click on a site first.

Conan - That is exactly what I ran into when I needed to update our homepage with an inclement weather statement. I couldn’t double click to open the items.

My solution was to get a Windows Surface tablet.

My only suggestion for mobile/tablet is to update the contents (editing words, adding photos, etc.) and nothing else, like not able to add widget, etc.

Just mainly editing content is all. That’s my two cent.