Percussion URL inside FORM tag

In HTML widget, you can use Percussion’s URL like this href="/Sites/"

<a href="/Sites/">Hello World</a>

However I am not able to do the same thing for <form> tag inside HTML widget like this:

<input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="/Sites/" /> 

Is it something you can add as part of new feature? Thanks!

Hi Aaron,

Why would you need to do this?


There are couple of reasons: Percussion does great job autoupdate the URL in HTML widget when the page file name is either renamed differently or moved to different folder or added https when we changed the site to https. This <form> tag is the only one that I had to update it manually inside HTML widget. I hope I make sense.

The challenge is that the value attribute on a form field could be anything, and it works differently depending on the input type. It’s not an attribute where a URL is specified or expected by HTML specs / parsers.

I can see maybe adding a Page Link field to the Form Widget to cover that type of use case, similar to the Page, File, Image links on Widget Builder widgets, but I don’t think this is a high enough frequency use case for us to modify the HTML widget.

You could accomplish managing the link by using a Widget Builder Widget instead of an HTML widget and adding a Page Link field to the custom widget. The link would then be a variable in your widget and would be managed.