Percussion v3.3 is now available!

Percussion is happy to announce that Percussion 3.3 is now available for download!

Here is the link to the download site:…

Documentation on the release can always be found on our main help site:

What’s New in Percussion 3.3?

Widget Builder (GA)
To support a greater range of widgets without the need to customize the application, Percussion has developed a Widget Builder that will allow users with HTML, CSS and Javascript skills to create their own custom widgets, while ensuring they are compatible with future releases of the Percussion CMS.

Widget Builder serves two main purposes:

-It allows designers to build custom widgets such as panel sliders or tabbed displays, that will allow content contributors to easily add content.
-It supports the ability to create structured content comprised of multiple fields, similar to a blog post. For example, an Article widget could contain an author field, a title, a release date, a summary and the main body post.
To enable the Widget Builder, please contact Customer Support.

Responsive Templates
In this release Percussion delivers a number of base responsive templates. Built using the Zurb Foundation framework, these templates can be used to serve as the foundation of a mobile friendly website. The templates use a 12-column flexible grid that can scale to any size. Templates come with appropriate CSS so no additional effort is needed to support various device browser sizes.

Mobile Preview
When previewing pages, users will have the ability to preview the page as it would be displayed on desktop, tablet, or phone. Preview contains a toolbar that allows you to select which device and which orientation (portrait vs landscape) to view the page. For pages using a responsive design, when previewing at a smaller resolution, the content will wrap appropriately. For pages that are not responsive, when previewing at a small resolution, the horizontal scroll bar will appear.

Have a great week and thanks for your continual support of the Percussion community!