PHP and Publish server

Any known issues with installing PHP(5) and publishing? We installed PHP5 on our publish server several weeks ago and lost the ability to publish until we un-installed.


Shaun, that’s a great question. Hmm…

Without looking really getting too deep into the configuration of your web server, I have noticed that my local PHP web-server (XAMPP) tried to use the same port as Percussion’s native Tomcat Server.

To correct the issue on my own I had to physically go into the php.ini/httpd.conf file and change the port to something it didn’t conflict with (8080). After I did that, and changed the publishing folder to the one in the htdocs, that fixed it.

Let me know if that helps, or if you can provide more information about your issue I am happy to help.


Hi Shaun,

Having some insight into your web server setup, I believe you guys have a custom configuration where you’re using Tomcat 6 as your front-end web server, and you’ve deployed the PHP/Java Bridge (…) in order to process PHP code on your published pages. It sounds like installing PHP5 might be causing issues with your Tomcat (which may lead to publishing errors when writing meta-data information out to your Tomcat), and my guess is that this would be due to your PHP/Java Bridge installation.

You could certainly do some research and see if there’s any known issues or additional steps you’ll need to take getting PHP5 to work in this environment, but my strong recommendation would be, if you need to use PHP5 on your live site, reconfigure your production web server so that you’re using Apache HTTPD as your front-end server, and use an out-of-box DTS Tomcat to process Percussion’s dynamic components. This would be a much more stable and supportable configuration, as it wouldn’t require any customization of the DTS Tomcat used for meta-data indexing during publishing.

Here are the instructions to setup a web server running Apache HTTPD as the frontend with DTS Tomcat as the backend