Post Override Date vs. Published Date

Post Override Date in page meta-data does not match published date in list-view

I opened the highlighted item and viewed the meta-data:

The post override date is May 10, 2011 but the published date is May 9, 2011. Not a big deal for me in this case, but it looks like one field may be using a different timezone than another.

After publishing, the source of the published page does appear to take the correct date (entered in the post override date in Meta-data) (and the published date in the list view changes to today). So publishing the page appears to solve the issue.

I’d classify this as a very minor problem, but I wanted to report it in case there’s something else going on that I’m not aware of.


The Override Post Date in the meta-data should default to the date when the page first went live, so it is unusual that the Override Post Date would be displaying a date after the published date. I haven’t been able to create a situation on my end that mirrors what you are seeing. Can you clarify the steps you took which led you to the behavior you’re experiencing?


Big picture : I was migrating content (press releases) from an old system into CM1.

After putting a bunch of press releases into the system, I realized that I needed to utilize the post-override date to make the publish date appear to be when the old press releases were actually released.

I was going through my press release folder and updating the post-override date in each release so that it lined up with the data inside the release.

In the first screenshot - I updated the post-override date to May 10, 2011 as seen, and then saved it. The list view (as seen in the background of the first shot) shows May 9, 2011 as the ‘published’ date, even though when I open the item, it still has May 10 as the post-override date.

After fixing the releases currently in the folder, I ran a full-publish on the site, and the last-published date correctly updated to the current date. (See 2nd screenshot taken 6/12/12). The post override date shows up correctly on the same content examined in the first screenshot. This override date is correctly utilized when I use the AutoList widget to display the press releases by date.

My only real concern is that the Publish Date column seems to be off by one day (when it seems to populate with the post-override date) before publishing.

I only raised the issue for Engineering to examine what fields were being utilized in each display, and possibly look at the timezone factor for each area (post-override date within the content and the publish date within the list view of the folder)