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David Benua/Percussion
06/08/2007 10:12 AM
Nate Barad/Percussion@Percussion, James Schultz/Percussion@Percussion, Jay Seletz/Percussion@Percussion, Rammohan Vangapalli/Percussion@Percussion, Bhuvaneshwar Joginipally/Percussion@Percussion, Robert Johnson/Percussion@Percussion
Jon Rodin/Percussion@Percussion, Nick Lombardi/Percussion@Percussion
Rhythmyx 6.5 Active Assembly Test Best Practices

On Monday, we met to discuss Rhythmyx 6.5 Active Assembly Test Best Practices. We reviewed some of the current issues, and agreed that we need to establish a list of Best Practices, both for Pre-Sales and for PSO implementation in the field.

Subsequent to this meeting, I’ve discussed the options for where this data will live with a number of people. The concensus seems to be that the VBulletin discussion forum gives us the best mix of “ease of access” and “informal structure” (meaning we can do it quickly).

Ultimately, we’d like to move the established “Best Practices” to a Wiki, but during the initial phases, we will use a “private forum” in the Rhythmyx Forums.

Nick has some work to do on the Attachment support in the forum, but as soon has he has completed this, he will create a forum for this purpose that is visible only to Percussion employees.

In this forum, I’d like to see the following:

  1. Ram will provide instructions on how to enable JS Debugging (w/Firebug) for 6.5 AA
  2. Nate will collect templates and pages for the Bad Template Library and post them to the forum.
  3. JB / Ram to provide a list of suggested practiced based on recent demos (NY Times and others)

In a future phase, we would like some of the “bad templates” to make it into the QA Test Library, but this can happen once we have some “Rules”.