Print a Sitemap

Is there a way to print a page directory/site map (a full listing of all pages within the website)? Most available tools limit xml sitemap creation to 500 pages or charge a fee.

Hello Susan,

Percussion does not have this feature.

This has been requested in the past - you could add your request to this thread, too.

Some customers have used a 3rd party tool called Xenu (…).


Thanks for the info.

There is actually an active feature in R&D related to this.

In the mean time, as an alternative to Xenu, one of the online generators like might be better / easier.

They will generate the sitemap file and then that can be placed into the root directory of your published web site on the web server.

Once that is uploaded, it can then be submitted to Google/Bing Web Master Tools.


An alternative to is, the number of pages is variable, but as long as your site is below 4k pages, it generally gets every page. The issue I had with xml-stiemaps was RETURN use, or use after another employee had run the query and then quit - our domain was already in their database and another list could not be created.