Print the Admin: Navigation Hierarchy?

Is there a way to print the square-grid chart - that is under the Admin: Navigation?

I’ve been taking screen shots but had wondered if there was an easier way. I have 160 websites within the system.

Hi Debbie,

Actually, I think that taking a screen capture is not a bad way to capture and print the navigation tree as you see it in the navigation view. I’m not sure what software you are currently using to do this, but if you haven’t tried it already, you might look into using a free app such as FireShot ( ) to easily drag-select the navigation tree in your browser in one image.

Of course this won’t capture the full tree, just the levels that are currently expanded. To capture the full navigation tree you might consider creating a non-public blank page with a Navigation Widget set to the use Vertical layout (with no rollover expand effects), the primary node set to 1 and the maximum level set above your deepest nav level. Then you can preview this page and view (and print out) your full navigation tree structure, although without any CSS tweaks the page will appear pretty bland.