Private Portal Access

Anytime someone registers on our private portal, a notification is sent out for approval. The problem is that I don’t know where to go to approve these new users. Is there a dashboard gadget? Is it sent to an email?

Hi John,

Users that have registered to your portal can be moderated using the membership gadget, which you can drag into your dashboard. Here is a link to our documentation covering this gadget:

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the timely response. We have tried using that gadget but can’t seem to figure out how to “approve” users who have registered their name and email. The only options that come up within that gadget are “edit user, block and delete”. It just isn’t clear. Also that link you provided me isn’t working, could you tell me how to directly navigate to that gadget resource?


Hi John,

New users are already “approved” once they register with their email and name. As you already noticed, you do have the option to block and delete users once they’ve registered using the membership gadget.

To prevent access to secured content, many customers use groups as an additional layer of authentication. Here is additional documentation on secure sites and authentication:

You can use the “edit user” option to add a group name to a particular user. That way, a new user who registers won’t be able to access the secured section until the group has been assigned to them.

Also, the link I pasted for the membership gadget appears to be active. Can you confirm that you clicked on the link or did you copy/paste?


Hi Jon,

I’m revisiting this because there is still some confusion that you might be able to help me clear up. The registration process to our private portals through the membership gadget is working just fine, the issue arises when we try to reset passwords for the private portal.

Is there anyway to access the specific log-in information of ‘members’ to our private portals on the CMS? The membership gadget only lets me place a group designation next to members emails but nothing more, I’d think this gadget would have these added features for membership management purposes.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be any password reset widgets that complement the registration widgets. Am I missing something here?


Hi Jon,

Currently after doing some research and testing we have concluded that there might be a bug preventing you from being able to reset the password. Our workaround is to delete the user and recreate them with a new password of your choice. More to come, but for your edification you are not missing anything! We will get this sorted shortly. Thanks!