Problem assembling output for item

An error is showing up in CM1 whenever we try to preview or edit a page:

Blockquote Problem assembling output for item (name=“index”, id=41-101-21917) with template: perc.base.plain. Underlying error: null See log for stack trace.

Please let me know which log(s) you need, and I’ll upload them.


  • This seems to be broken for all of our templates
  • There’s a chance this may be due to deleting something in the Navigation editor, and it not getting deleted.
  • This is breaking our production CMS, and we need to get this resolved ASAP!

If you haven’t done so already, I recommend opening a support ticket.
Be sure to mark that it is causing production downtime and their support team will respond promptly. They usually do anyways, but this will be sure your request is seen urgently.
They will want your server.log file located at Percussion/logs/appserver and will probably have additional instructions for accessing diagnostic tools.
Good luck.

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Hi Glen,

I just created a support ticket with this community post linked. One quick suggestion would be to try re-starting the CM1 instance and see if that resolves the issue. Since something was deleted and then the problem started - it sounds like something may be stuck in cache.

If you could also attach your logs/AppServer/server.log file to the Support ticket, I have escalated the support ticket and the team will respond first thing in the morning.


Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the response!

Also, thanks Nate - I’ll attach the logs to the ticket.