Problem during the assembly of item


Error reported
Transaction rolled back because it has been marked as rollback-only


i am trying to preview the generic page, but its gives me above error. i have check all the navon hookup and did the nav rest as well.

can one help out me in this please…


Good morning,

This error is generally reported when a snippet on a page is not assembling properly, or throwing an error of it’s own. To troubleshoot this, I would do the following:

Open the generic page template, and comment out the different slot macros on the page (one at a time) and then save the template and re-preview. Hopefully, you’ll find the offending slot and you’ll be able to open the Active Assembly Table Editor and preview each snippet that’s added to the troublesome slot to see if any of the child items are not assembling properly. You may need to traverse a few levels down, but eventually you should get to an item which is throwing an assembly error that will provide you with the root cause of the “transaction rollback” error.

If you still can’t track the error down, I’d recommend you log a support ticket, and they should be able to help you further troubleshoot.