Problem in Publishing the site

When I am publishing the site, the problem comes in generating a FullBinary xml file the preview of the Full Binary file doesn’t show the xml generated DTD. I have followed the following steps to publish the site that is:

  • Declare the site url in Site(By Name), mention the war location and folder root
  • Declare the Scheme id of the site in Context (By Name) and add new location scheme Parameter.
  • Declare the rxs_navbase and rsx_urlroot resources in Variable (By Name)
  • Declare Edition name id for the project in Editions (By Name)
  • Declare the Content list name (FullBinary, FullNonBinary, UnPublish) in Content Lists (By Name)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks much!

I can only give you some general advice… if you need step by step help, you need to contact tech support.

Generally, when the Content List is empty, it’s either because the query you have defined for the content list doesn’t return any rows, or because the filters are eliminating all of the rows that are returned.

You can use the JCR Query test page (look under /Rhythmyx/admin) to test the query.

If this is returning rows, then check that the items are in the public state, and that you have at least one template registered as either “Default” or “Always” and that this template is valid for that site.