Problem with Anchor tag on separate page not showing up in list

I am linking to another page on my site that has an anchor tag. However, the anchor does not appear in the anchors list when I link to the url. Am I missing a step?

Hi Heather, are you using a Rich-Text Widget?

Yes I am.

Thank you, I will use this work around for the time being. I am guessing that this will be updated in a future version?

I’m with you Heather. I think being able to use the anchor tag feature between widgets and between pages would be a great future enhancement for the Rich Text widget.

@nathaniel - any progress on this one? Few people asked how to do it. It’s been 4+ years with no progress. Thank you.

@nathaniel - this link doesn’t exist -


Currently, only the anchor tags contained within the same Rich Text widget will appear in the anchors drop-down list you mentioned. If you want to link to an anchor tag on a separate page, here’s what you can do. Through the “Insert/edit link” box, click the browse icon to the right of the Link URL field and navigate to the page which contains the anchor tag you want to link to, and select that page. A managed URL will appear in the Link URL field. Now all you have to do in manually add, at the very end of this long managed URL, "#[nameofanchor]”.

For example: http://cm1test:9992/Rhythmyx/assembler/render?sys_contentid=2221&sys_revision=3&sys_folderid=2219&sys_context=0&sys_siteid=371&sys_variantid=335&sys_authtype=0#MyAnchor

This will link to the anchor on the desired page.

Here’s a good document to reference regarding link behavior in CM1:…

Let me know how this works for you. If this solution does not satisfy your needs, we can post this as an Idea and see about putting in a feature request for a future release.