Problem with $node.getProperty("nav:url")

In my template when I publish something in Public state with this code


is working fine, but when I try to publish the same thing in the Preview state (custom state, and I did create new Item filter and assign it to Preview state) I get error:

Problem assembling output for item: 1-101-884 with template: fbfsNavigationTree exception: The template 667 does not bind the required variable $pagelink see log for stack trace

. But I am not using $pagelink in first place but it is still working. Any hint would be very usefull.



I get those errors sometimes too. I think $pagelink must be being used somewhere in your installation. You might find it in your Link and TitleLink snippets, for example, which are probably necessary to make your navigation work.

Hi , i am also getting this error for all my navigation slots when my site publishes out. Was there a solution?

Wanted to update this thread with a possible solution.

$node.getProperty(“nav:url”) retrieves the URL of the Navon’s landing page (Implementation Guide under Navon Properties). It is not documented that a snippet/template used in the Landing Page slot must bind the $pagelink variable; otherwise, you will see an assembly error message. If you’re experiencing

The template ... does not bind the required variable $pagelink

then you should review the snippets -> templates assigned under your Landing Page slot (e.g. “rffNavLandingPage”) and confirm that $pagelink has been binded.

Most cases $pagelink will be bound to