Problem with search results

We are building a local publishing copy (print) of existing sites. Created a site (pointing to existing root folder), templates, context, etc.

However, now we have a problem. If a user wants to create a CMS link, they do a search on an item, but the result set shows two copies of each item returned. One from “original” site, the other from new site.

How do we prevent this from showing? I’m looking at Default_Search and RankedSearchResults in the workbench but I don’t see how to filter sites.

This duplication in results is hapenning even when site copy is set to be Inactive. Should Rx be restarted after site status is changed?

Restarting Rhythmyx has no effect regarding site status. Back to square 1…

I think the problem here has to do with the “Display Format” used for the search. If the display format contains the site id and/or the folder id, then the results will contain entries for each site / folder where the item appears.

I’m not sure exactly how you are searching for the item, or how to change the display format.


Thanks Dave, that’s what it is.