Problems with all navigation items showing

As you can see in the image below, I have quite a few items in my navigation. Whenever I go to view the site after a publish, the one’s in red are the only ones that show up. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Hi Matt,
Are the sections that are not appearing in the “Live” workflow state?


Make sure you Approve the sections. Also, if you have made changes to the home page prior to adding or making modifications to other sections in Navigation, make sure you approve the Home page and then try publishing again.

Y’all are awsome. I now know why Atheletics is showing… It’s an external link which required no page publish. Thanks again.

Can I make the “Home” navigation item now show up?

Assuming you meant “not” show, you can go into the navigation widget properties on the layout tab where it is added - template or page. Home is level 1 and everything else adds down from there. If you want to show the Level 2 items but not show Home in the nav widget, just set the starting level to 2 instead of 1 and it should only show the Level 2 items. If you don’t want sub items beneath those showing, make sure to only show 1 level deep.

Additionally, you can check out the nav introduction videos for examples of this:…

Thank’s Daved, that fixed it for me.