Problems with first attempt at configuring publishing in Rhythmyx 6.1

Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to offer me some advice on a publishing problem I’m having.

I have followed the Implementation Guide on this and have got stuck. Below is an outline of my progress so far:

[li]Content list - binary and non-binary created plus an incremental
[/li][li]Edition - I have created a full publish edition which contains the content lists above
[/li][li]Publisher - Localhost Publisher default port is used
[/li][li]Site - created a new site publishing to a folder on the live Rhythmyx server
[/li][li]Contexts - created two contexts as stated in the guide pp326-
[/li][li]Location schemes - I have followed the guide to create a Generic location scheme
[/li][li]Variables - I have set these up.
I have set the publisher to publish all content regardless of state for testing purposes.
I have tried to preview the publishing without much success: with the binary content list
it only brings back one item; with the HTML non-binary publish preview I get an error message
I don’t understand - ‘candidates may not be null or empty’

The bits I am not sure about are the Contexts and Location schemes:

The URL field in the content list has a value of the sys_assembly_context - is this number the site ID
(which it appears to be in the guide) or the id of the publishing context? Using either doesn’t make any difference

I don’t really understand the location scheme parameter value. In my site, each piece of content that produces a page has
a field for the filename. The guide only has one example. I tried to adapt it with:

$sys.pub_path + $sys.template.prefix + ‘item’ + $sys.item.getProperty(‘rx:sys_contentid’).String + $rx:location.getFirstDefined($sys.item,‘rx:sh_file_name’)
Where rx:sh_file_name is the field for the file name!

But I suspect this is not right.

Apologies for such a long post but I have got stuck on this one.




First off, I strongly recommend that you don’t try publishing all content regardless of workflow state. There’s quite a bit of interaction between publishing and workflow, and you’ll wind up getting confused (even if you get it to work).

Second, a few words about “Context”. Context is not the same as Site Id, but it’s similar. Think of it a way of generating Addresses within a site. For example, you will almost always use the same relative URL for a staging site that you do for a production site (so the same page has the same relative URL).

This would imply that both the Staging and Production site use the same context (which is very common).

However, there’s also a reasonably common circumstance where you need to contexts. If you publish your site with JSP or ASP, it’s very common that the URL that you reference the content by will be different from the “file location” where the file is written. (again, relative to the site root).

In this case, the “Assembly Context” is the one used to generate the URLs for links (e.g. hrefs and image srcs), and the “Delivery Context” is the one used to generate the File Locations (where the files are published).

For a simple flat HTML site, these 2 contexts should be set the same.

It’s simply a coincidence that the Site ID and Context ID have the same number, they really are not the same thing at all.

I hope this helps