Problems with upgrade from 5.7 to 6.5.2

Hello everyone,

I have recently upgraded from Rhythmyx 5.7 to 6.5.2. When I start my server I get a number of errors, and then the server fails. Has anyone seen anything like these before?


1 – No such column XXXX – when starting a CE application -

I have checked that all tables exist with the correct privileges. The error seems to be related to the shared definitions as those with only the FF shared definition start - all others fail.
I have reviewed CE XML and the shared defn. files and they seem fine, but there may be some insignificant difference that is proving very significant!

for example:

2009-02-26 13:55:02,171 ERROR [com.percussion.Server] Error initializing application psx_cefolder: java.lang.RuntimeException: no such column COMMUNITYID
at Source)
at com.percussion.server.PSServer.getContentEditorSystemDef(Unknown Source)


2009-02-26 13:55:09,125 ERROR [com.percussion.Server] Error initializing application psx_ceNewsRelease: java.lang.RuntimeException: no such column ACROBAT
at com.percussion.cms.handlers.PSContentEditorHandler.<init>(Unknown Source)

Refers to a shared field

2009-02-26 13:55:42,500 ERROR [com.percussion.Server] Error initializing application psx_ceNewsList: java.lang.RuntimeException: no such column DUMMY
at com.percussion.cms.handlers.PSContentEditorHandler.<init>(Unknown Source)

Refers to a local field

2 – Invalid content type id supplied to operation

2009-02-26 13:55:44,953 INFO [com.percussion.Server] An unexpected error was encountered. com.percussion.error.PSRuntimeException: An invalid content type id was supplied to an operation: 101

3 – Problem starting the cache (I think this is the one that kills the server)

2009-02-26 13:55:43,078 ERROR [com.percussion.Cache] An unexpected exception occurred. The reason was: An error occurred while starting the cache. Caching will be disabled. The error was: An unexpected error occurred while performing a cache operation: java.lang.IllegalStateException: ms_configs must be initialized. Please consult the log for further information.

First thing I’d say is, I’m assuming it all worked beforehand on 5.7 and Rhythmyx started up cleanly (no errors in the console/server logs).

Secondly, if that’s the case, take a careful look through the upgrade logs (there’s lots of them) in /Rhythmyx/upgrade/…

Other than that, the errors do seem strange - missing columns etc. sound like the upgrade didn’t do exactly what it was meant to. I firmly believe you’ll get more info from the upgrade logs (at least I hope so)!

Thanks for the pointer David.

We had reviewed these files and there are no errors recorded, apart from a couple of small templating issues that caused a problem with slot naming changes.


Are you using an Oracle repository?

If so, check the case of the schema name of your Rhythmyx repository datasource connection (RhythmyxData is the name of the default datasource connection). You can view this information via the Rhythmyx Server Administrator. Go to the ‘Datasources’ tab, then check the ‘Connections’ sub-tab. If the schema name contains any lowercase characters, change them to uppercase, then apply the changes. The server must be restarted for the changes to take effect.


Thanks Peter.

Actually the repository is DB2! Unfortunately the server won’t start so I cannot use the Server Admin tool. Is there a way to check this offline - I assume it is in a config file somewhere?

For reference here is the contents of our rx-ds.xml file…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <new-connection-sql>SET CURRENT ISOLATION UR</new-connection-sql>

To close this thread off, I wanted to post the configuration changes we made.

1 – No such column XXXX – when starting a CE application

Peter was right in his post about the case sensitivity of the schema name. I updated this in the server-beans.xml and this error disappeared.

2 – Invalid content type id supplied to operation
3 – Problem starting the cache

There were a number of changes that were made to the configuration that removed these problems:

[li]removed corrupt relationships
[/li][li]manually added <PSXWorkflowInfo…> element to the CE ObjectStore XML
[/li][li]moved custom JAR’s to correct location