Promoting revisions


I am finding some inconsistencies between the CE Help files and what actually happens. When I (in the Admin role) select View -> Revisions in the action menu I see all 3 options [Promote, View Properties, View Content], however a user in the Web Editor role, who has full permissions over the content item only has 2 options showing, Promote is not there.

Is this a configuration issue in our system? The CE Help files say

If the item is not checked out, and you have check-out access to the item, it also displays the option Promote.
but this is not what I actually experience when sitting with the user who is logged in correctly.

Can anyone clarify, please?

Also, the CE Help files say

To view the Revision List of the active item, click the Action Menu and choose Workflow > Revisions. Rhythmyx displays the Revision list for the item.
which is confusing for users who come to me when they cannot follow the instructions.



You’re getting confused between “Versions” and “Revisions” (and you’re not the only one).

As you can see from the audit trail / revisions menu, multiple revisions are part of the same content item, and this has always been part of the system.

Somewhere along the way (Rhythmyx 4?) we introduced a new model for “Versions”. A new Version is a separate content item that is linked to the previous content item by a relationship.

The idea is that you create the new Version in Draft state, and walk it through the workflow until it reaches the Public state. At this point, some internal magic happens, and the relationships of the new and old Versions are adjusted so that the new item replaces the old one.

This approach works for certain kinds of workflow processes, but it’s a bit more cumbersome than just using Revisions. There are a few issues with Versions (for example, they don’t work well with Staging servers), and for most customers we recommend staying with the Revision model, unless there is some reason that you need Versions.

It’s likely that at some point in the past, your system was configured for Revisions, meaning that the “New Version” menu action may have been disabled (or just made invisible).

I know this is confusing, and the help probably doesn’t explain this sufficiently.

I hope this helps


Hi Cara

Promote is an action menu item so it’s possible the security is setup so only members of the admin role have visibility. You can check this by

Open Rhythmyx Workbench
Select UI Element Design
Select Action menu entries
I can remember if it’s system or user as I dont have a 6.5.2 system in front of me.

But anyway double click the Promote item and select the visiblity tab and select each one of the options to make sure it’s not restricting the web_admin role (if that’s what you want).

Hope this helps.


All sorted now :smiley:

Thanks for the help,