Proposed changes to Workflow Notifications

We are in the process of updating the Workflow Notifications feature and would like to solicit feedback from Rhythmyx and CM1 customers on the proposed change.

Currently Workflow Notifications are sent out to all users in a Role, with each recipient listed on the To line. In Rhythmyx, Additional Roles and individual email addresses can be added to the CC list for the Notification. The To and CC recipients are currently visible to all recipients of the notification email.

We are proposing the following changes:

  1. Use Velocity for Workflow Notifications so that the Notifications can include conditional logic, and rich text (html emails) in a future version.

  2. Allow for personalization of the notification template for each recipient based on their Subject / User / Role information in the system by exposing new bindings for these variables that can be used in the Notification template.

  3. In order to accomodate personalization, each recipient would see only their own email address on the To line and would no longer see other recipients email address on the To or CC line of the notification email.

  4. Auto upgrade existing notifications to use the new template mechanism.

Our thinking is that there is more value in being able to Personalize / Customize the notification per user or role, than there is in end users seeing who else received the notification message but we want to confirm that with the user community.

Any feedback / questions appreciated.



Personally I think that being able to customise and make the notification emails better formatted (i.e., rich text) by far outweighs being able to see all the recipients in a notification email. I like the sound of what you’re planning.

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Thanks David.

We are proceeding down this path. The system will push the following bindings to the Velocity notification template.

${fieldName} (All fields of the content item being transitioned)
$wfcomment (The workflow comment if any)
$wflink (The Preview link to the item being transitioned)
$subject (The subject / user getting notified if there is a subject in the system that matches the email - null if there is no user record that matches the email address)
$wfemail (The email address, will match $subject.getAttributes().getAttribute(“sys_email”) if recipient is a system user.
$subject.getAttributes().getAttribute(“loginDisabled”) will return if the subject has their login to the CMS disabled (so template could skip the preview link for example)

Initially this will be delivered in 7.3.2 patch and will support text email only. We will add the HTML mail option in the next version.