PSCoreItem to PSItemSummary transform API

Is there any such API available that can convert a PSCoreItem object to a PSItemSummary object?


No, there’s no API for this. The ItemSummary is only returned by the search (and some similar methods). All of the information you need should be available in the core item. Is there something missing that you want to use?


The only problem was that when you invoke findOwners() method you get a list of PSItemSummary…However, rest every where we use PSCOreITem as it is easy to read values from PSCoreItem. So I thought if any easy way to convert PSItemSummary to PSCoreItem.

Otherwise, I have written a util method which converts PSItemSummary to PSCoreItem for the purpose.

The only way to get a core item is to “load” it. Of course, your utility function undoubtly does this already.