PSO Image Editor

Date: June 10, 2011

Objective: Review PSO Image Editor

Existing Challenges:
[li]No Package available[/li][li]Existing functionality has rx_ct_shared.xml shared fields which overwrites OOB shared fields[/li][li]Needs to be repackaged for 6.7 and 7.x[/li][li]Only works on 6.7. Does not work on 7.0.1[/li][li]Errors on server startup[/li][/ul]Action Items:
[li]Needs to be put into subversion[/li][li]Install in an environment where existing code can be fixed[/li][li]Recreate package[/li][li]Submit to subversion[/li][li]Conservia demo has this installed and we need to create a package to be put on subversion[/li][/ul]