PSO Toolkit Documentation

Is there any document on PSO Toolkit that describes all the functionality/ Extensions provided out of the box from PSO Toolkit?

I know there are javadocs, but was wondering if there is any document which summarizes details about the services provided by all the available extensions.


There is no documentation except the JavaDoc. We’ve tried to be clear in the JavaDoc (especially for the JEXL functions) how that function is used, but I’m sure that there are instances where we could do a better job.

It’s important to remember what the PSO Toolkit is: it’s a collection of routines that we’ve developed for our own use. We make them available to customers on an “as is” basis.

If you have specific questions or problems, this forum is a good place to ask. A number of things that are currently in the toolkit originated from requests in this forum.


The forum is actually the first place any questions regarding PSO toolkit use should be posted. Since this toolkit is custom and used to customize Rx and not officially documented, technical support cannot support the use of these tools or any customizations made with them.

Questions or errors sent to TS regarding these tools are typcially forwarded to our Field services team (PSO) who will address each issue on a case by case basis. TS will, however, track the case for you until it is closed.