PSO Toolkit: findAllParentIds gets parents for which revisions?

I am using the PSO toolkit to retrieve a parent item within a Velocity template for database publishing. Currently, my code looks like this:

$parent_ids  is a variable with binding:


One strange behavior that I’ve found is that this is returning a list that includes the content ID for a parent for which I have already removed the relationship. The parent’s last public revision DID have the relationship, but I have edited the parent, removed the relationship, and checked in the item (but NOT republished, so there is not yet a new public revision without the relationship).

Is there any way I can get only the parents who are related for their current revisions? I’ve written some convoluted code in Velocity that MIGHT work, but I wondered if there’s a more straight-forward way to do this.

Thanks for any ideas -


“findAllParents” goes out of its way to find both parents of the current revision and parents of the last public revision.

At the service level IPSOParentFinder defines both a “findAllParents” and a “findParents” but it doesn’t look like we exposed this to JEXL.

You can either write a JEXL function that calls IPSOParentFinder.findParents and set the usePublic flag to “false” or I can expose this function for you (which means a new build of the PSOToolkit).

I have to check what other development is going on in the toolkit before I can tell you how long that will take, but this is a pretty simple change for us to make.


Another possibility is to use the PSOReverseSlotContentFinder. This already has a “public” parameter, and if you leave it blank, you will get only parents of the current revision.

Obviously, this only finds items where the relationship is in a specific slot rather than ALL relationships, so it may or may not work for you, depending on the specific reason you are looking for the parent item.


I will take a look at PSOReverseSlotContentFinder. I am looking for the parent for a particular slot, so that’s not a problem in this case.

If it’s simple to expose the findParents function, that would be good too - I would always welcome more options for JEXL functions. When I end up with a complex data model for my related content, I have to write more complicated code for file and database publishing, and the more functions in the library, the better.


If you’re after a single slot, the reverse slot content finder is simpler to use: just add it to the slot definition and then use getSlotContents() to retrieve the items in the slot.

I’ve added the new function to the PSOToolkit: there is another pending change for a customer reported bug that will come out in a day or two. This next toolkit will also support the findParent() function.