psoSpringWorkflowActionDispatcher Error

We have a PSO Spring Workflow action dispatcher configured on transition from Quick Edit State to Public state.

Whenever we are doing the transition, it is throwing this error. I did verify that we have the bean psoWFActionService defined in the PSOSpringWorkflowActionDispatcher-beans.xml file.

An error occurred processing action Return to Public in batch mode. The error returned was: 500: <?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?>
<PSXLogErrorSet class=“Back end query” host=“” port=“9982” protocol=“http” root=“/Rhythmyx” rxroot=“”>
<Error id=“0”>An error occurred processing the query submitted by session id a98841835de55ac8a2a29b0eaf32c2876a19faed.</Error>
<Error id=“1”>An exception occurred while processing the “Java/global/percussion/workflow/sys_wfExecuteActions” extension: com.percussion.extension.PSExtensionException: The Java handler could not initialize the psoSpringWorkflowActionDispatcher extension: Bean psoWFActionService is unknown…</Error>
<Error id=“2”>workflow</Error>

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Any clue what could be the issue?

I am not sure if this would be helpful or not… worth a shot.

We had a similar problem getting some bean configuration to work with extensions. Mainly, we were not calling a specific extension (workflow action) when we were trying to debug the problem. It was throwing an error and blocking it from running even when the bean in question was perfect, and not even being used at the time. In the server.log at start up, it will say if any of the beans fail when they try and startup. The PSBaseServiceLocator could not get the bean because one of the OTHER beans had some error in the XML (missing end tag I think it turned out to be).

Long story short… when you startup the server, check to see if there is an ERROR, with the PSBaseServiceLocator dealing with a different bean configuration you might be using in other places.