psx_relationships question

Rhythmyx 5.71

I have been trying to clean up the content in our system and noticed that quite a few items are returned if I filter the psx_relationships table on ownerid=dependentid.

My question is whether these can all be deleted (along with the child entries in psx_relationshipproperties) or could any of them be legitimate?

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It does sound a little strange to me (but there could be a good reason for it!)…

I guess that happens if you add a snippet of a content item into one of its own slots. I’ve not done this kind of thing myself, but have added snippets of content items into other templates of the same content item - but all done through velocity code and not database relationships.

What I’d do is perhaps dig a little deeper - is it one particular content type that this is being done by, is it always the same template/slot used in these ‘suspect’ records? Also have a look at one of the pages where it happens and try and make sense of whats going on.

Hi David - how’s the surf these days?

I shall do as you suggest and have a look.

I noticed a while ago that it is possible to find the current item in a related content search, while using the Active Assembly Table Editor (aka Related Content Control) for that item, and thus add it to one of its own slots. Given the way these user interfaces are cobbled together it isn’t that surprising that it doesn’t check for such an obvious user error. There are currently 11 examples in the PSX_OBJECTRELATIONSHIP table of our production system which, I can tell from the SITE_ID, were added by a user who, while not a computer expert is hardly an idiot, and would reasonably expect the options given to her would all make sense.