Publish Now Fails post upgrade to 7.1


I am trying to use Publish Now on an upgraded system (path followed was 6.5.2 --> 6.7 --> 7.1).

The menu seems correct and no changes where made to the existing content list however the folllowing error gets returned:

The parameter “isLastOnDemandGenerator” of the generator ‘Java/global/percussion/system/sys_SelectedItemsGenerator’ in content list “uosPublishNow” cannot be marked to true as it is not the last on demand content list in the Edition (403).

Has anyone encountered this error before?


If anyone comes across this issue it seems the CL will not accept the default value of true for isLastOnDemandGenerator (this new parameter seems to have appeared on 7.1). Giving it a value of False got it working again for me.

I have logged this however with Support as I am not sure what the implications of changing the default value really are.