Publish Now

We are currently using 6.6 version. According to the documentation, I can right click on a content item and should be able to see Publish Now menu item. I dont see it. I am using the default configurations of Rhythmyx. I can see Publish Now option in Active Assembly but not in the menu when I right click on an item. Is there something else I need to do?


Hi Ravi

The piece of content needs to be in the public state before you will see the Publish now option. If the content is in public state, it could be that the menu entry is not visible to the community. Check under Community Visibility in the workbench to see if this is the case.

Hope this helps.



I had this problem as well, and solved it by copying the EI_Publish_Now menu entry (UI Elements Design view -> Menu Entries -> User), renaming my copy appropriately. I then changed the sys_editionid property for the command (open the entry -> Command tab -> Parameters table).

After that I just added the menu entry to the Visible Menus and Menu Entries list for my community in the Community Visibility view.