Published pages display CMS login page

I have a site publishing out successfully in the log but when i view the pages or images the all display the login page to the CMS. The connection looks ok s it is publishing the file structure and files. Any ideas what i’m missing?

Are you using the sys_getbase64encodedbody function? If so, we were having the same problem a couple of months ago, and there is a workaround for this problem that we got from tech support. You have to add pssessionid=PSXUserContext/SessionId as one of the value pairs in the function.

I have no idea - where is this set? And where do i add the value pairs? :confused:
Thanks in advance

When you say they all display the cms login page, you ARE implying that all the links go to your CMS right? not that when you try to view a page, it asks you to login before showing the page…

No content gets published - all the files are the same size as they all contain the cms login html. See attached

Just a thought, could it be that the login credentials (userid/password) for the publisher (publishing tab, publishers by name, publisher) have recently changed or are invalid? Sounds like the publisher process is trying to assemble a page but isn’t authenticated…

The login credentials are out-of-the-box and there are no errors in the publishing log and i can preview content lists in the edititons. Everything seems to be working as it should apart from the published pages on the separate server.

rESOLVED - WE were publishing from 6.5 server to a 5.7 publishing server.