Published path for copied as link content item

I have a pdf content item that was copied and pasted “As Link” from one site (site A) to another (site B). The pdf published properly within both sites. However, in a template on site B, when I use $rx.location.generate to create the URL to the site B pdf, the path is /unknownpath/myfile.pdf.
I’m assuming it’s confused by it being on two different sites…even though the pdf itself published ok(?).

Is there a way to remedy this short of duplicating the pdf and having two separate content items? It doesn’t matter if the link points to the site A pdf or the site B pdf. Anything is better than “unknownpath”.



Are you verifying $rx.location.generate’s value by previewing the template? I am able to generate a similar experience by going to Publishing Design -> Context -> Public then selecting the default context and finally opening the content item in the Test Panel to see the URL generated. If I change the Site parameter to the original Site it does generate an unknownpath URL.

Hi Riley,

Using the test panel, I got the same results as you. My desired site URL is correct and the original site URL shows unknownpath.

In previewing the template, the link to the content item appears as:


The sys_siteid=350 is correct. When entered into a browser, the pdf files shows perfectly. If I update the sys_context with the correct publish context id, it shows perfectly.

Any other ideas?


From what I gather, the test panel doesn’t know how to generate a path to a folder outside its Site’s path. Excluding test panel, where else are you seeing an unknownpath so that I can try reproducing the behavior.