Published url issue

I created a new site on a fresh build and published the site out. I can now see the pages in the target location but when I try to view the new site using the publishing url which looks similar to http://localhost:9992/Newsite , I see the directory listing instead of my Homepage. What should I do to view the site?

Do you have the filename for one of the pages within the site set to index.html? I would also check to make sure your navon for the top folder to ensure it has a page in the “landing page” slot.

No, I don’t have the filename for any of the pages set to index.html. I am using the default context and location schemes.
Also, I do have a page(which is my homepage) in the ‘Landing page slot’ of the navtree.

I would first check your publication log located within the publishing tab for your site to ensure you didn’t encounter any errors. Make sure the status for your homepage is “success”. Check the filename and click the CMS Link to ensure the page is displayed without any errors.

If you are using a completely non-customized Rhythmyx install then you can check that your landing page was developed using the “home” content type. If so, check your “home” content type publishing contexts (1 and 301) to ensure that the context for your page content type is something like this:

Basic basic out-of-box “home” context just publishes this content type to the root directory:


We started with something like this:

$sys.pub_path + 'index' + $rx.location.getFirstDefined($sys.item,'rx:activeimg_ext,rx:sys_suffix', '.html')

We have since moved to this model:

$sys.pub_path + $sys.template.prefix + $sys.item.getProperty("filename").String + $rx.location.getFirstDefined($sys.item,'rx:sys_suffix', '.html')

Thanks for your help. I got it working…I had to add a new location scheme for my Homepage just as you suggested and it all worked out fine.