Publishing assets

If Assets on a Page are Pending, should they be published with Publish Now? 

I have a contributor who is uploading assets via the bulk uploader and approving, then inserting into blog posts. If she publishes the post via Publish Now, the images remain in Pending. They’re in a directory assigned to a “blog” workflow, which is the same workflow the blog-post and blog-list are assigned.

From what I understand the assets should be published after they have been added to a page and it has been published.

From my experience that does not happen.  I’ve had to teach all of my sitemasters to go in and publish the assets after uploading them and then go to their page to add them.

This can depend on how an image or  is used.  For example, if an image is inserted in a page in a Rich Text widget it can be published with a Publish Now.  If an image or file is in a page as a link, it will not be published.  

Are the images linked in a Blog Post inserted using the “Insert/Edit image” button? Or are they links?


I advise people to simply approve the page and wait for the next incremental publish to pick up both the page(s) and assets.
This happens whether the image assets are used in the RTE widget or not. It would be nice if images and linked pdf files would both be picked up in publish now.

Hi guys. Thanks for your input on this!

I’m seeing the same thing, an image can be “Pending” and inserted in a RTE, or the summary metadata of the page, and the asset will not publish when the page is posted using Publish Now.

I know this thread is a year old - but I am experiencing this headache at the moment. Was this issue ever resolved?