Publishing - Edition not completing


We have a problem with our overnight ‘full’ publish edition. The edition contains 9 content lists. It started at 22:10, did one of the content lists and then seems to have stopped on the 2nd. The log for the 2nd list says ‘In Progress’. None of the other lists were attempted. I can’t seem to find any error messages anywhere that could point to the cause of the problem.

I have just noticed that the same content list in another edition is also now currently appearing to ‘hang’.

Any ideas?

Version 5.71 Build 200612P01 (3186) [RX-11817]


First, I would determine if the list generation is the problem or one of the list entries is the problem. To determine the former, look for a clist log on the pub client. If there is one, look inside, you should see the last item that was published. If there isn’t a log, then attempt to preview the list manually and see if that works. If that fails, then you need to dig into the clist generator app.

Thanks Paul. Unfortunately no error log for this list was produced. Looking back at a log from about a week ago, this error was produced:
Connection refused: connect

So maybe an infrastructure issue? Seems to happen for lists of binary files.

Could be, possibly firewall issue.
Did you attempt to preview the content list manually?