Publishing Freezes Percussion

We’re experiencing a new problem publishing our site. When we do, Percussion freezes without the publish actually taking effect. Then we cannot do anything except stop/start. To restart, we have to stut down Percussion, terminate all Java process with the grep command, then start Percussion.

The regular restarts of Percussion are becoming more than an inconvenience at this point–causing deadlines to be missed.

If we added RAM to our server, would that help with response times/this new error?

Here is a link to our server log:

Attached is an snapshot of the Java processes before restarting:


When you say CM1 freezes, do you mean the user interface becomes unresponsive, or does CM1 crash completely? If it’s just the UI locking up, can you still reconnect to CM1 by opening a new browser and navigating to CM1?

Finally, are you running full site publishes when CM1 freezes, or individual page publishes?

It freezes first, then crashes. So we’re not able to access Percussion unless we restart.

We’re running full site publishes.


Once again this appears to be an issue where your Derby database is crashing due to the load a full publish is putting on it. We are looking into additional ways to improve the performance of your Derby database beyond the tweaks we have implemented previously. I will reach out to you when we have some ideas for additional performance tweaks we might try here.


I’m going to open up a support ticket for us to take a closer look at some of your Derby configuration files and see if we can spot any areas of potential improvement. Please check your inbox momentarily for the notification.

For other customers with similar issues, the problem here was that CM1’s Java Virtual Machine was running out of memory during publishing operations (which is typically the most resource intensive operation you can perform in CM1).

I previously outlined the solution to this problem in another thread on the Community, which can be found here: