Publishing full site structure

How can CM1 publish our current website directory structure? For example, the directory structure is like this /Assets/Website_Name/css/abc.css in CM1. But the destination publishing path on website and internal web resource reference on published pages should be like this /css/abc.css. What we need is very similar to the setup of Rhythmyx publishing

Hi Rami,

All content in your Assets library and Design library will be published to your server’s root using the paths of /Assets/ and /web_resources/themes/my_site/ respectively. This behavior is hard-coded and cannot be changed within the application. Can you tell me why you need to alter these paths?

we are trying to migrate our current website to CM1 and there are tons of hard-coded paths in our HTMl pages so it would be easier for us to make simple changes in CM1 rather than going through 340 of HTML pages and manually change them

Hi Rami,

Are all of these 340 pages going to be brought into Percussion? Or are you looking to have your existing site content co-exist with your Percussion site on the same web server?

If it’s the first option, note that our LiveFirst technology will automatically parse CSS and JS references in your pages and update them to use the proper Percussion managed paths. If you’re not going to use LiveFirst, typically customers only need to add these CSS references to their templates and not on a page-by-page basis, making this process of updating resource references much simpler.

If you’re going for the second option, you may be able to use a web server redirect to reroute, for instance, all requests starting with /css/ to /web_resources/themes/my_site/css/.

it is the second option. We don’t believe that web redirect is good practice especially we will have a lot of them