publishing issue

i have a new content type that publishes a file called rss.xml. when i publish locally this file is published with no problems. however, when i use our live publisher, the content list picks up the file, the publog says publish success but then says 0 files published. there are no error logs and no explanation as to why the file does not publish.

there is a strange error in the console log

Java/global/per 09/12/09 15:18: An unexpected exception occurred. The reason was: The community id must be
: specified. Please consult the log for further information.

this appears many times which might suggest it is getting generated when our incremental publishes occur.

does anybody know what might be preventing different publishing behaviour between our publishers or what this error might mean.


Hi Michelle

Does the content type or template rely on the community ID?

I had a similar issue when I created a dropdown resource which included a condition on the community ID. When Rhythmyx publishes, the community ID is not included in any way so to get around it I had to create one resource for when the community was present and one when it wasn’t.

Hope this helps.


hi jimbo

not as far as i am aware. how could i check this. the weird thing is that it publishes locally. and it gets picked up for a live publish, says it has been successful and then immediately afterwards says 0 items published. there is no error log.