Publishing PDF files

Has anyone attempted, or is Rhythmyx capable of, publishing a regular text content item as a PDF file?

Content (text) is entered, and formatted through EditLive, and then published as a .html file. Can this same item be published/outputted as a .pdf file (Rhythmyx to create the PDF at the time of the publish)?


You need some form of PDF Generator for this. Usually we use Apache FOP, and we have pre-built Assembler kicking around here somewhere. I think it was built for 6.1, and I don’t know if it’s been tested with the latest versions, not that I expect it to break.

This does, of course, require you to deal with XSL:FO and all that entails. Go look at the Apache FOP website at for details. It does have the advantage of being free to download, even if it’s not the easiest to get working.

We’ve also used Active-PDF in the past. This is limited to Windows, but it works reasonably well at rendering your HTML as a PDF.

If you have a favorite PDF converter, we can probably show you how to interface with it.


Could we get a copy of your PDF assembler for 6.1? We would just like to see what’s at the core. We were about to write out own assembler based on Apache FOP with XSL:FO from scratch, but if you have something we could start from, that’d be great.

Us too. Thank you.

Trying out the Assembler you have for 6.1 would be great. We do have a converter we use with one of the other applications, but would like to see how your solution works.

I’d like to get this assembler as well. Where can I get it?

Any thing come of this, we would like to implement it as well.

We eventually punted this into a PHP application based on tcpdf. We publish out a separate html template (stripping off navigation, etc. so that the PDF is “cleaner”). Then we use tcpdf to consume this page, producing the PDF version of the page. If you want to see it in action, go here. Just below the image is a link for “Printer-Friendly PDF.”

So essentially, we’re not publishing out PDF. We’re just consuming html and producing a PDF on the fly.

We decided to go this route as well, I like how your PDF turned out, how did you create the header and footer looks good.

Found another php package that works very well, google mPDF.