Publishing snippets of items that are not public


We have a fairly basic setup - we publish course pages. Each course has a slot for links to other courses, so one or more links appear on the page for related courses.

We only make a course Public when it’s ready to be published. Afterwards it gets put back to Draft. Otherwise we’d be publishing everything every time. Our publishing is very basic - just a Full publish.

This worked fine under 5.7. Now under 6.1 the related course snippets won’t appear unless they are made Public. Then any related courses on those won’t appear and so on. Is there any way for the snippets (of related course titles) to appear on the course pages, even though those courses are not in a Public state? (We’re not using Site folder publishing yet)



Rhythmyx was never designed to include the snippets on a published page unless the underlying items were public. This leads to “broken links”, which most of our customers consider to be a very bad thing indeed.

That this works at all (in 5.7) is probably due to the ability to set the “AuthType” independently in content list generation.

In 6.x, we use “Item Filters”, and the filter is set in a single place.

I suppose you might well be able to create an Item Filter that passed the snippet, but didn’t allow the page through. You’ll still have issues with broken links, of course.

I suggest that if you do this, you should separate the publishing so that you use 2 different contexts (one for assembly and one for delivery), and use that as the “switch” in the custom filter.


Thanks Dave,
I suspect a custom item filter is a bit beyond my capabilities. It is probably safer to go down the official route and have everything Public with incremental publishing and so forth.