Publishing/Unpublishing to Staging and Production databases

We are running Rhythmyx 6.5.2 and using database publishing. We have a staging database and a production database. Publishing to each of these databases works well, based on the different Publishable flags - we have one content list that picks up the item filter ‘staging’ and publishes to the staging database, and another content list that picks up the item filter ‘public’ and publishes to the production database.

The problem comes in with unpublishing. I’ve tried following the examples in the documentation for creating an unpublishing database setup, but nothing I’ve tried so far will get the content to unpublish from the staging database.

I suspect it may be because there is only one ‘unpublish’ item filter, so the system can’t tell the difference between unpublishing from staging versus production. I know how to create a new item filter, but I don’t know what to set the sys_flagValues parameter to. Is there a value here that I could use to indicate that the content item needs to be unpublished from the staging database rather than from the production database? If not, is there a way for me to add an additional value? I tried looking these answers up in the documentation, but I wasn’t even sure what to call it to look it up.

All help is appreciated. Thanks.

You’re correct that there is only one unpublishing filter.

To define another one, you’ll first have to figure out which workflow states unpublish from staging and which workflow states unpublish from production, and whether these 2 groups of states overlap. You can then create separate “Content Valid” flags for each group of states and define your item filter.

The “out of the box” configuration doesn’t have anything like this.


Thanks for the reply, Dave.

Assuming I know which states unpublish from staging and which states unpublish from production, how would I go about creating the separate “Content Valid” flags as you mention? Alternatively, which of the many documentation locations would I look in to find the how-to?

For my main documentation source, I’ve been using the Consolidated Rhythmyx 6.5.2 PDF (which you can download from, and searching for keywords within all the PDFs at once.

That sounds so fabulous, I immediately went over to that thread to look for it. But I’ll be darned if I can find it in that thread. Maybe they took it down? Does anyone know where it might be available?

In the meantime, I’ll check out the Help under the Publishing tab. Thanks for the tip.


It’s post number 22, should be the first one you see when you go to that thread.

Here’s a link to the specific posting:


Ah, I see what happened. Not entirely used to threaded forums like this, and it was “below current depth”. Thanks for the direct link; that document should be extremely helpful.


For details about creating the additional Content valid flags, see “Extending Publishable States”, p. 100 in the Rhythmyx Technical Reference.


And thanks again.