Publishing woes

I finally got around to setting up a production server for cm1, and setting up secure FTP publishing from the staging server to the production server. However, when I do a manual publish from our staging server, it looks like not everything is copied over correctly. For instance, our front page should look like this:

Instead, it looks like this:

The only images that appear are the ones that are hosted externally (which, oddly, don’t show up on our staging server). None of our assets transferred over. Did I set something up wrong?

Are all assets in an approved state? This could be why you are not seeing all assets on publish.

I think that may be the case. The front page is in “Quick Edit” state (under someone else’s login), so it’s possible the images on that page are not “Approved”.

However, some of the images (like the background image for the header and the yellow background for the “Resources” menu) are not really assets – they were manually uploaded and put in with the theme. Do I have to do anything special to get these images to show up on the production site?

We found it. Apparently our webmaster had the images defined incorrectly in the html files and templates. They’re starting to show up as she’s correcting them. Thanks for the help!