Purge feature: how to track purged items

Currently, purge feature physically removes records associated with purged item from the repository without keeping any audit trail-sort of info anywhere. I am wondering if anyone has placed any type of patch/enhancement on their implementation to keep some track of a purged items (when was the item purged, by whom, comments, etc)? We have come across user complains about items going missing where those items proved to be missing from the backend table (just like what happens when item is purged). However users with purge permission on those items insist they have not purged them. I have thought of placing a trigger on contentstatus table on delete to capture some additional info about what has happened but am wondering if someone out there has thought of/implemented something with similar purpose before.

We have other grander issues with purge…namely the ability for anyone in the system to delete content, even if they are not in the same community / do not have access to the community or the content item in question. We need to “hijack” (i mean create) our own purge function (jsp page) because we need to delete saved files from the NAS. We plan on “improving” purge for our system by keeping track of who purges what where in a separate table as well as doing some basic role and community checking…

Are you doing it all in-house? And for keeping track of who purges what, are you implementing that within the customized jsp page you are creating?

Yup to both. Of course as with other projects we keep adding things we would like…like the ability to unpublish the item (ie. make sure that it is unpublished) before we purge it. We have a modified incremental publish for the site, so it should just be a matter of triggering that (so the item that is in archive will actually get unpublished) to do what we want. This part is theoretical at the moment and the major issue i see right now is the “waiting” aspect of publishing to make sure that the item has actually been unpublished…

Thanks for your reponse. Does anyone know where I can get the documentation on working with Rhythmyx Java API, or web application components in Rhythmyx (JSP, servlets)? We are running version 6.5.2.

Rhythmyx Java API: <your rhythmyx server>:<port>/Rhythmyx/Docs/Rhythmyx/JavaDocs/index.html


See the Rhythmyx Technical Reference Manual (Version 6.5.2 link).

You can find all the product documentation .pdf files for your version on Rhythmyx on the DVD, in the Docs directory; this is the documentation released at the time that version of the software was released. You can find the most up-to-date releases of product documentation .pdf files for Version 5.71 and later in the Documentation forum.


Thanks a lot to all.