Q&A: Associating a page with a new template

Question: If I have an existing page associated with one template, how do I associate it with a new template?
Question: How do I change templates for my Section Landing Pages?

Because of the association with Widgets and Regions from a page to a template, once a page is created with a specific template, the template for the page cannot be changed. You can change the Theme associated with a template or change the Region and Widget layouts in Design mode to change the look of all pages built off the template.

To change the layout of a specific page, you must recreate the page with the new template of your choice. When working with Section Landing Pages, you can create a new standard page (non-Section page) using the new template. Once the page is completed you can switch to Navigation view and drag the new page into the section in the Navigation pane to replace the existing Section page. The old Section page will be renamed “index (1)” while the newly created page will take the “index” name. It’s important to note that the page name is not the same as the page title and the renaming of the page name in CM1 will not change what you have set for a page title. This also means that setting a new page as a section landing page will keep the title you have given it.

For reuse purposes, it is Best Practice to save content as Assets instead of local content in the page or template. When creating new pages to change styles, Navigation pages, or when redesigning a site, having content saved as Assets will allow you to drag the existing asset into a widget placed on the page. This will save you time and effort as you will not need to recreate the content.

A video of this functionality can be viewed here: Changing Navigation Pages