question for Preview page using PHP

It is my understanding that Percussion / CM1 runs on Windows server while our LIVE site run on Linux server.

If you’re using for page-name.php in CM1 - the PHP code in Preview page does not work. Is it possible to point the Preview page to Linux server outside of CM1? There got to be a way.

The only option I had to do is to publish instantly to Linux server for quick preview.

Many thanks.

Hi Aaron,

Percussion CM1 can run on either a Linux or Windows operating system.  The same goes for the server hosting your actual web site.  

The reason you need to publish pages with PHP, ASP, etc. is because the preview feature of CM1 cannot serve that type of content.  Only a web server setup to serve that sort of dynamic content will be able to render that information.  The only way to do this would be to setup a PHP Java bridge, although I haven’t tested this.  Here is an article you may find relevant:

Let me know if you have any questions.


I wasn’t aware that Percussion CM1 can run on Linux. I was told it’s only for Windows…

We have Windows but is it possible to move to Linux? If so, how hard is it?