Read-Only rules..

I suspect I may be trying to do something that isnt even possible in RX atm, howevr I thought I would ask others.

Is it possible to make a field read-only dependent upon the content of another box.

I have 2 fields, the first a dropdown called effort with a Yes and No option, the second a text box called effort_comment.
I only want effort_comment to be editable when effort is set to No

So I setup a read-only rule on effort_comment as follows

effort = Yes

This didn’t do anything at all so I tried

PSXContentItemData/effort = Yes

This worked… but with a sideffect - I could no longer create the ContentType in question, when trying to I would get an error that contentid annot be NULL.

I’ve played about with the rules trying to use Modify/Create Only etc without much luck, The only way i can get rid of the error is to turn the rule off completely (which loses the functionality)

Any ideas, or is this just something Rhythmyx cant do

Running 6.5.2


I’ve only ever been able to get the following forms of interaction between fields to work:
[li]Validation of one field dependent on the value(s) of other field(s)[/li][li]Visibility of a local field based whether the sys_contentid field is null (possibly other system fields would work, but haven’t tried that.)[/li][/ul]
One thing is certain: there is no mechanism in Rhythmyx for any kind of DHTML in the Content Editor, so even if you could get the comment field’s editability to be dependent on the previously saved value of the drop-down, you’ll never be able to make the comment field become read-only upon selection of options in the drop-down.

I was happy for users to have to press UPDATE, dhtml wasnt need.

Pity you cant so visibility/read only dependent on other contents either way :confused: