Recommended Practice: default values and valdation error messages for fields

The Active Assembly Interface assumes that all required fields have a value, and that required fields missing a value have a validation error message. If you create a Snippet in the Active Assembly Interface that is missing a required value and does not have a validation error message, incomplete errors are returned.
To avoid this problem, best practice is to define both a default value and a validation error message for each required field.
Documentation will be updated in the next release to clarify this practice.

If you apply a “default value” to a field after content items have been created with a content type using this field will the default value be populated in those content items?

Our experience says no. We’ve always written custom SQL to add or update the necessary rows in the backend db.


Darrell is correct. Adding a “default value” to a field will not result in any existing content items getting that value. Only content items created after the “default value” is set will inherit these new values.