Redirects using .htaccess?

Since we switched our website to CM1, we have several URLs that we want to redirect to pages on the new site. Right now I’m using mod_rewrite in the apache2 config for the site (apache uses mod_proxy to point to the tomcat site), which seems a bit inefficient; it makes the config file incredibly long, and when our webmaster wants a redirect done, she has to talk to me, the system administrator.

In the past, we used a .htaccess file in the document root with the redirect rules, which helps out in a few ways:
[li]It makes the apache site config file shorter[/li][li]It makes it easier for the webmaster to create or modify redirect rules[/li][/ol]

However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to make a plain-text “.htaccess” file at the document root of a site inside CM1. Has anyone else grappled with this issue?

Thanks for your feedback, there are many compelling use-cases for this functionality. I will file a feature request, in the meantime, I am researching a potential workaround. Stay tuned.