Region/Content Area Properties Location

When looking at regions/content areas in the layout tab it would be good if the option buttons (the blue buttons with the wrench and X) were available in the “Explore Regions” area as well. When styling the pages the areas could (have for us) overlap enough to make it difficult to access these option buttons because of them falling behind or overlapping another area’s option buttons.

I’ve seen the same thing. We’re looking into this. We may instead opt for a “show as outline” mode which would work like a super “turn off javascript” effect. Instead of WYSIWYG, you would see just a hierarchy of region, sub-region and widgets.

The reason for that is if you’re using tabs or sliders, and just turn off the java script, the page can grow and distort almost no matter what you do (all those extra panels that would normally be somewhere suddenly show up inline). In the “outline” mode you could, for example, drag a widget up to resort it from being panel 3 to being panel 2 or from being tab 1 to being tab 4.

Outline mode might also allow for more precise drag and drop of an asset or widget when the page is really densely packed.

We might do both this Outline mode and the Region Explorer feature though.